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Short lets

A short let rental agreement can often be a more lucrative and flexible way to let your property.

What is a short let?

A short let is a property which can be let from a few weeks to a few months (subject to local authority restrictions).

You can short let any type of property from a studio to a ten bedroom house.

When renting a property on a short let basis all utility bills are included in the rent (excluding telecommunication services).

As a landlord – why should I let my property on a short let basis?

Flexibility – if you are unsure of your plans and only want to rent for a short amount of time short lets allow you immense flexibility. Short lets can also allow your property to bring in rental income during void periods or whilst securing a long term tenant.

Choice – if you market your property on a short and long let basis you have the option to choose from multiple offers.

Efficiency – if you are going away on holiday or for business, letting your property on a short let basis can be a very efficient way of ensuring your home is occupied as well as bringing in rental income at the same time.

Everything included

Bring your suitcase and we’ll provide the rest.

All our short let properties are furnished to a high standard with appliances and household items such as towels, linen, crockery and electrical goods are supplied. All you need to purchase are the consumables.

Frequent short let users

A significant number of large companies use short lets as a more cost effective and convenient solution to hotels.

People who have encountered major damage to their property, or those that are in the process of renovating their property often choose short lets, in order to minimise disruption to lives by allowing them to remain in the area and close to the amenities they have become accustomed to. .

We also provide short lets for media companies making advertisements or films.

As a tenant – what are the benefits of taking a short let?

Flexibility – you have the option to extend your tenancy on a weekly or monthly basis at your landlord’s discretion.

Home comforts – the privacy of your own front door, plenty of space and a relaxing environment where you can come and go as you please.

If you are searching for a short let  call us on +359 2 815 4080 and we’ll search for you.

Value your property for a short let

For more information about letting your property as a short let, or to find out how much rent your property could achieve, call us on +359 2 815 4080

Value your property for a short let?

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Fees & terms

Lettings Terms & Conditions of Business, Fees and Expenses


Our standard lettings and Property Management fees and possible additional fees


Lettings Only

Tenant Find Fee 50% of the average monthly rent (Min. €150)

Lettings & Property Management

Property Management Fee 12% of the monthly rent

Tenant Find Fee 50% of the average monthly rent (Min. €150)

Tenancy Renewal Fee €75

Short Lets & Property Management

Property Management & Tenant Find Fee 25% of the rent


Inventory Check-in €50

Fit out, furnishing, maintenance, repairs

And renovations As per quotation

Call out fees €30 + €10 per hour after the first hour

Property inspections (Outside those €50

included in Property Management)

Credit / Debit Card fees 3% of the transaction

All fees are exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated.

Call +359 2 815 4080 for further information about letting your property, or to find out how much rent your property could achieve.